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Application of RVVP power cord

RVVP is a type of cable with a soft conductor PVC insulated wire outer layer and PVC sheath. Copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed soft cable, also known as electrical connection anti-interference soft cable.
RVVP cables are suitable for efficient and safe transmission of data in communication, audio, broadcasting, audio systems, anti-theft alarm systems, intelligent automation systems, automatic meter reading systems, fire protection systems, and other areas that require anti-interference line connections.
What kind of wire is rvvp
The rated voltage of RVVP cable is 300/300V, and the commonly used number of cores is 2-24. The commonly used core wires include: 0.5 square, 0.75 square, 1.0 square, 1.5 square, 2.5 square, 4 square, 6 square, etc.
RVVP cable is somewhat different from RVV cable. RVVP cable uses copper wire weaving, which has better electromagnetic compatibility characteristics. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for installation sites with harsh electromagnetic environments and small installation distances. RVVP cable products can be installed in cable trays and hoses for indoor installation.
RVVP cables come in two types: flame retardant and fire-resistant:
RVVP flame-retardant cables are not easily ignited and are used in situations with high requirements for flame retardant performance.
RVVP fire-resistant cables can maintain a certain period of safe operation even under combustion conditions. They are used in situations where there are high requirements for cable fire resistance characteristics, and customers can choose different types of cables according to different requirements.