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How to distinguish network cable categories

The outside of the network cable is marked with various numbers and letters. Cat6 represents six types of network cables; Cat5e represents super five categories, and cat6a represents super six categories.
UTP stands for Unshielded Twisted Pair; STP stands for shielded twisted pair cable; The shielding network cable has a stable and better transmission effect, but requires specialized switches and crystal heads. On the contrary, it is not as good as unshielded Ethernet cables, which have stronger adaptability and are more suitable for home use.
The biggest difference between Category 6 network cables and Category 5 network cables is the addition of a cross insulated skeleton, where four pairs of cables are placed in the four grooves of the cross skeleton, and the diameter of the cables is also thicker.
Also, a reminder: Category 5 Ethernet cables are Cat5e, while Category 6 Ethernet cables are Cat6A. Some cables labeled as Cat6e or Cat5a are not classified as standard Ethernet cables, and their transmission performance cannot be guaranteed. There is a possibility of counterfeit products, so please pay attention to identification.