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What is the difference between Category 5 network cables and Category 6 network cables

The main difference between the use of Category 5 and Category 6 cables is the maximum achievable speed. The transmission speed of various types of network cables can refer to the following figure: focus on Category 5 and Category 6.
Because Category 5 cables have been basically phased out, while Category 6 cables are mainly used in offices, unless wealthy individuals, there is no need to purchase Category 6 cables for home use. The seven types are mainly used in environments with strong electromagnetic interference, such as telecommunications centers, television stations, hospitals, internet cafes, and so on.
Ordinary households can blindly select up to six types of gigabit unshielded Ethernet cables, which are suitable for both home and office use. If you want to meet the needs of more than ten years of application in one step, you can choose over 60000 megabytes.