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Cable types with high market demand in recent years

As a fundamental component of the industry system, cables are widely used. Therefore, with the rapid development of China's economy, the prospects of the cable market are also very promising. In the coming years, there will be significant development in some cable markets, and some cable products will meet a large market demand.
The usage of overhead lines will significantly increase
The current cross provincial interconnection in the northern, central, and southern regions of China, as well as the gradual implementation of the national network, and the widespread application of ultra-high voltage and large capacity overhead lines (750KV lines in the northwest and 500KV lines in other regions) will result in a 10% month on month growth in overhead lines. In addition, the demand for medium voltage 10-35KV cable products will also significantly increase, or grow at a month on month rate of 8-10%. Currently, the adoption of dual ring network power supply in large cities and the increase in underground cable utilization rate in central areas will greatly increase the use of medium voltage cables. At present, most urban planning departments emphasize underground cable power supply in urban areas, and some cities have included this requirement in local regulations, which brings great opportunities for medium voltage distribution cables.
The output value of building wiring will exceed 15%
In recent years, although the real estate industry has cooled down, the construction industry, as an important industry in the 21st century, will bring opportunities to building wires and other electrical equipment cables. Whether it is residential buildings, office buildings, or shopping malls, a large number of various cable products will be used on the planet. At the same time, with the increasing demands of consumers for living conditions, the intelligent demand for housing, coupled with the construction of various professional networks, has brought a huge market for wires and cables. It is expected that the output value of building wiring will exceed 15% in the wire and cable industry in the future.
The market department of new energy cables should not be underestimated
With the rapid development of the new energy industry, the market for new energy cable products cannot be underestimated. Taking nuclear power as an example, in the coming years, the new energy industry will receive more and more government support. Technological progress will lead to a continuous decrease in the cost of using new energy, and the economic value and social environmental benefits will become increasingly prominent. In the past year, the overall trend of the new energy sector has significantly strengthened compared to the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets. We are optimistic about the long-term investment value of the new energy sector and maintain a "recommended" investment rating. For example, as an important measure to control air pollution in China, new energy vehicles will continue to receive strong policy support and have good development prospects. At present, the number of charging stations in China is far from keeping up with the needs of the development of electric vehicles, and the difficulty of charging is the biggest bottleneck for electric vehicles in China. The policy to encourage the construction of charging stations will be accelerated. Tesla's public patents contribute to the development of the new energy vehicle industry.
The solar photovoltaic cable market will also benefit
The solar photovoltaic industry has also attracted the attention of many investors. The development potential of the solar photovoltaic industry is infinite, and it will also inject infinite power into the cable industry. The solar photovoltaic industry has shifted from a major photovoltaic manufacturing country to a major photovoltaic installation country in China. At present, the development of photovoltaic power stations in China mainly includes two categories: ground power stations and distributed photovoltaics. For ground power plants, some industry experts believe that a mature business model is currently the most beneficial link in the industry chain.
Automobile wires and cables will continue to grow
In addition, the development of cities will drive the development of urban rail transit and promote the application of various flame-retardant cables. Electric lighting cables for tunnels and subway stations are also a major highlight. With the rapid development of domestic industrial enterprises, it will also bring rapid development to automotive wires and enameled wires. For example, there are two main types of wires used in the automotive and motorcycle industries: enameled wires and automotive wires. The automotive industry has led to a significant increase in sales of enameled wire and automotive wire, and its demand will continue to grow by about 10% in the coming years.
Nowadays, various industries are actively transforming and upgrading, and the cable industry is no exception. Combining traditional industries with emerging network platforms is one of the best transformation strategies. It not only greatly reduces the procurement costs of enterprises, but also facilitates their integration with international standards and reduces market barriers. Experts predict that for a long time in the future, the combination of traditional industries and modern information technology will be a forward-looking choice